Psychology & Psychological Research International Journal (PPRIJ)

ISSN: 2576-0319

Case Report

Case Study: Psychoanalysis and Lifestyle Change

Authors: Pearl J*


The following case presentation indicates that psychoanalysis in combination with evidence based integrative health and lifestyle interventions increases the likelihood for positive changes within the therapeutic process. An emphasis on physical changes is concurrent with psychological ones. It can be stated that each of these intervention styles can stand alone in the fostering of therapeutic change. This is clearly an evidence-based statement that is difficult to dispute. The hypothesis that is presented in this paper is based on anecdotal observations that significant changes occurred with the combination of both therapeutic styles. My purpose is to demonstrate how both methods can work in conjunction in order to heighten the indicated therapeutic effects. A case method was utilized in order to show how depression with concurrent dissociative states, were significantly reduced with the introduction of health and lifestyle interventions into the therapeutic process. The initial therapeutic goal was to utilize the analytic process in order to alleviate depressive states. Empathetic dialogue and articulation on emotions and feelings that arise though out the analysis are some important variables that have had an effect on the change process. I also described various non-beneficial patterns of behavior that could potentially be changed with the introduction of a health and lifestyle. Model: The final portion of this paper will be based on a discussion of the particular and concurrent changes that occurred with the combination of the two therapeutic interventions. The specific interventions will be discussed that support the stated hypothesis. Some models for future research will also be indicated.

Keywords: Integrative health and lifestyle; Depressive disorder; Dissociation; Agency; Childhood trauma; REM sleep; IBS

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