Psychology & Psychological Research International Journal (PPRIJ)

ISSN: 2576-0319

Research Article

Perceived Benefits of Teenage Risky Behaviors. Insights from Bulawayo Vuzu Parties Zimbabwe

Authors: Ndlovu S*


This qualitative study sought to explore the adolescents’ perceived benefits of risky behaviors. The phenomenological design and semi-structured interviews were utilized. Thematic analysis was utilized in the study. Ten participants were purposively sampled. The following were the findings of the study, Adolescents attended Vuzu Parties where they voluntarily and involuntarily engaged in behaviors such as alcohol, drug, and substance use and unprotected sexual intercourse with multiple partners. All participants were aware of the risks associated with these behaviors such as unplanned pregnancies, STIs, HIV and AIDs organ failures, school dropout, and many others. However, adolescents also associated certain benefits with these behaviors such as stimulation, opportunities for social interaction and opportunity for making a living, peer acceptance, adventure. Adolescents perceived benefits from risky behaviors outweighed the risks and thus the knowledge of associated risks did not deter them from engaging in risky activities. The researcher concluded that perceived benefits played a pivotal role in the onset, development and sustenance of teenage risky behaviors.

Keywords: Risky behaviors; Vuzu parties; Teenagers; Drugs

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