Anthropology and Ethnology Open Access Journal (AEOAJ)

ISSN: 2639-2119

Review Article

Anthropology and the Geopolitical Danger of Man

Authors: Mohammadreza Shahidipak

DOI: 10.23880/aeoaj-16000147


The main material of anthropological research is history because man is cause of movement in history and changes in nations and governments based on understanding of perfect man and history is place of human emergence in various cultural forms and story of changes in human culture has been recorded in history of governments and societies. Therefore, man is always subject of human studies for control man as a constant geopolitical threat. Including theme called Dealing with dangers of perfect man, this is a common historical phenomenon fame between universal religions. Research hypothesis is that still conflicting views on nature of perfect man because anthropology has complex and different philosophical, practical, and technical layers and philosophical anthropology is able to resolve this contradiction. In ancient times, nature of perfect man was disputed between Iranians, Arabs, Romans, Chinese, Africans, blacks, yellows, and whites. In middle ages, perfect Jewish, Christian, Islamic, Buddhist, and Confucian man was at loggerheads between these claimants of universal morality. And Medieval philosophy is progress in anthropology because AL-Farabi and the three Andalusian philosophers portrayed rational type of perfect man. In modern period Kant spoke about universal morality of humanity, but process of human movement moved away from Kant’s universal morality and reached Nietzsche’s philosophical despair of universal morality. Finally, in contemporary period, theory of superhuman evil versus superhuman good was introduced after second world war and replaced theory of perfect man. And a variety of superhumans have been introduced to deal with evil, and recently a league of superhumans has been in charge of dealing with evil. This shows that anthropology today is still a modern scientific anthropology that examines one-dimensional man and ignores philosophical dimension of man, and that there is still a big gap between philosophical anthropology and applied scientific anthropology. It is a matter of politics. And it is a means for creating a global culture to control human geopolitical danger because man can be affected by a perfect man at any time and place. The question is whether anthropology should be the science of examining similarities and differences of man based on philosophical anthropology. Past and contemporary schools of thought are not able to present a true picture of man, So a fixed base is needed as source that provides a realistic relationship between philosophical and pragmatic anthropology by providing real definition of man. In Islamic teachings, man is inherently culturally diverse and each individual and society behaves according to it, and therefore it is possible to evaluate human behavior based on the transcendent models of the perfect man and there is logical and systematic relationship between philosophical anthropology and pragmatic anthropology in Qur’an and only this form of Qur’anic anthropology able to realy understand man and provide instructions for evolution and current anthropology can use Qur’anic teachings in analyzing and explaining theories. Qur’an mentions inherent phenomenon of culture and global diversity of culture with various words such as character and etiquette and provides a dynamic system of cultural anthropology

Keywords: Anthropology; Culture; Man

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