Anthropology and Ethnology Open Access Journal (AEOAJ)

ISSN: 2639-2119

Research Article

COVID-19: Evaluation of Occupational Health Risk and Healthcare Workers

Authors: Jaiswal A* and Kooko R

DOI: 10.23880/aeoaj-16000149


Corona virus disease (COVID-19) presents a significant occupational health risk and healthcare workers have remained at the receiving end of the burdens crippling the healthcare systems of different countries as a result of the pandemic; they face various threats to their occupational health ranging from those associated with direct exposure to the virus to those indicating the conflicts between work and family demands. Numerous HWs worldwide have reportedly been infected with corona virus disease raising an alarm for policymakers to priorities it as a public health concern to understand risk factors faced by health workers in order to stop occupational transmission. Research papers related to the research topic were searched from Google scholar and PubMed using the following key words; Occupation health and safety, health workers, and corona virus disease/ Covid-19. Exposure to COVID-19 patients, work overload, inadequate personal protective equipment (PPE) and poor infection control programmes as the risk factors to Covid-19 amongst healthcare workers jeopardizing OHS. Apparently, there is need for swift development of sustainable measures that protect healthcare workers from the pandemic.

Keywords: Occupational Health and Safety (OHS); COVID-19; Health workers (HWs); COVID-19

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