Pediatrics & Neonatal Biology Open Access (PNBOA)

ISSN: 2640-2726

Review Article

A Comprehensive and Clinical Review of Chromosome 14 Mosaic Trisomy Syndrome

Authors: Ghazinejhad N, Ghayor S, Fayyazian E, Gholizadeh Z and Asadi S*

DOI: 10.23880/pnboa-16000172


Chromosome 14 mosaic trisomy syndrome is a rare chromosomal disorder in which chromosome number 14 appears three times (trisomy) instead of twice in some cells of the body. Symptoms and physical findings associated with chromosome 14, Trisomy Mosaic may depend on the percentage of cells containing an extra chromosome 14. Trisomy mosaic syndrome of chromosome 14 may also be characterized by abnormal prenatal growth retardation (prenatal growth retardation) and failure to grow and gain weight at an expected rate (growth spurt) in infancy

Keywords: Chromosome 14 Mosaic Trisomy Syndrome; Rare Chromosomal Disorder; Extra Chromosome 14; Developmental Delay; Mental Retardation; Distinct Craniofacial Anomalies

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