Associate Editor Guidelines

The Associate Editor has to support the Editor in guaranteeing the quality of content found in Journal and communicating its vision for the journal to authors, Editorial Board members, readers, and publisher. Associate Editor should be attentive with the policies of the Journal and publisher, Author guidelines, Editor Guidelines and Reviewer guidelines.

Associate Editor Guidelines and Responsibilities:

  • Associate Editors should contribute to Journal development and management through generous relationship with other board members.
  • Associate Editors should ensure a proficient peer review process under eminent reviewers and they should be careful to maintain confidentiality throughout the process.
  • Associate Editors should ensure the protection of individual data and maintain confidentiality and are responsible for assuring the integrity in the published work.
  • Associate Editors can review the submitted manuscripts at their feasible time only and if time does not allow for reviewing the manuscript, editors can suggest other reviewers.
  • Manuscripts may be assigned to two or three key reviewers in related research field, selection of reviewers are completely depended on the editor of a particular journal.
  • The ultimate decision regarding acceptance, modification and rejection of a manuscript rests only with the editor. He/She should cross check the content quality, writing style and construction, grammar, spellings, data presentation and organization prior to take the final decision.
  • All the Associate editors are welcome to submit their valuable manuscripts at their feasible time.
  • Associate Editors should monitor the reviews to comprise clear suggestions and honest corrections that reflect amiability rather than unfair language or offensive criticism.
  • Should encourage submission of quality articles by writing Editorials on the Journal's performance.

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