Editor Guidelines

At MedWin Publishers, we recognize the pivotal role played by each member of our esteemed editorial boards in maintaining the highest standards of Open Access Publishing. To ensure the integrity and quality of our publications, we outline the following guidelines and responsibilities for our editorial board members:

Guidelines and Responsibilities:

  • Editorial Board (EB) members should actively contribute to the development and management of the journal, fostering a positive relationship with each other.
  • EB members must ensure a rigorous peer-review process conducted by distinguished reviewers, maintaining strict confidentiality throughout.
  • Protection of individual data and confidentiality must be upheld by EB members, who are also responsible for ensuring the integrity of published work.
  • Manuscript reviews by EB members should be conducted at their convenience. If unable to review a manuscript due to time constraints, they are encouraged to suggest alternative reviewers.
  • Manuscripts may be assigned to two or three key reviewers in the relevant research field, with the selection of reviewers being at the discretion of the journal editor.
  • The final decision on manuscript acceptance, modification, or rejection lies solely with the editorial team. They must thoroughly assess content quality, writing style, grammar, spelling, data presentation, and organization before making a final decision.
  • All EB members are invited to submit their valuable manuscripts at their convenience.
  • EB members should monitor reviews to provide clear suggestions and honest corrections, fostering constructive feedback rather than resorting to unfair language or offensive criticism.
  • Encourage the submission of quality articles by writing editorials on the journal's performance.
  • EB members must ensure that the submitted manuscript is neither plagiarized nor previously published elsewhere. In the case of plagiarism, EB members have the authority to reject the article outright.
  • Supervise and support the publisher in handling complaints and appeals, addressing ethical concerns related to the publication of duplicate or fraudulent work.
  • EB members are categorized based on experience and contributions to the journal.

Roles Defined:

Editor-in-Chief: Assumes overall responsibility for the journal's reputation and all content, including overseeing the peer-review process.

Advisory Board: Comprises active editorial board members providing valuable suggestions, thus earning a place on the Advisory Board.

Editors: Enhance the quality of publications, and MedWin Publishers welcomes the participation of professors, researchers, scientists, and medical practitioners as volunteer editors.

Associate Editors: Support the Editor in ensuring content quality, communicating the journal's vision, and adhering to policies, author guidelines, editor guidelines, and reviewer guidelines.

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