Open Acess & Publishing Ethics

Open Access Journals

Open access makes published work immediately and permanently available online for everyone globally. MedWin is delighted to offer a variety of open access options for all the authors to publish their work with us. MedWin has been established as an open access publishing sector with immediate, online availability of articles after publication, enabling with the rights to use these articles fully in the digital technology. We desire to accelerate the pace of scientific discovery, encourage new innovations and supplement education that is an essential component of research field.

We strongly believe that research information and results should be shared often among the researchers so that it leads to future research through wide use of its results. We aim to bring this decisive information to a worldwide audience at virtually and allow us to use it in new, innovative ways. The digital environment creates new challenges and provides new opportunities in the sharing, review, and publication of research results.

Asset of Open Access Policy :

  • Immediate and free access to the published articles.
  • Increased visibility for research output and thus increased visibility and usage of their results.
  • Unrestricted access to use the published information, enriched education for the readers, allowing equality of learning in all nations.
  • Maximizes the dissemination and impact of the research study.
  • Creates new avenue for new developments in digital environment.
  • Enhances interdisciplinary scientific research study.
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