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Medwin Publishers stands at the forefront of Open Access publishing, encouraging the dissemination of groundbreaking scientific research across the globe. We are committed to providing an exceptional experience for both authors and readers, recognizing the crucial role they play in advancing scientific knowledge.

As an Open Access publisher, we operate without external funding, relying on Article Processing Charges (APCs) from authors to support the rigorous publication process. These APCs enable us to maintain our stringent editorial standards, ensuring the dissemination of high-quality, impactful research.

Your APC contributions directly fuel our mission to provide barrier-free access to scientific breakthroughs. By removing financial barriers, we empower researchers, educators, and practitioners worldwide to harness the latest research findings, encouraging innovation and propelling scientific progress.

Supporting Authors' Success

Medwin Publishers is dedicated to supporting authors throughout their publishing journey. Our comprehensive author services encompass manuscript submission, peer review, editorial support, and publication promotion, ensuring that your research receives the attention it deserves.

Enriching Readers' Experience

We are committed to providing readers with seamless access to a wealth of scientific knowledge. Our user-friendly online platform offers instant, unrestricted access to published articles, enabling researchers, educators, and practitioners to stay abreast of the latest advancements in their respective fields.

Together, Advancing Scientific Discovery

Your contributions to Medwin Publishers play a pivotal role in shaping the future of scientific discovery. By supporting open-access publishing, you empower researchers to share their findings without limitations, accelerating the pace of innovation and encouraging global scientific collaboration.

We invite you to join us in our mission to democratize scientific knowledge and propel scientific progress forward. Your contributions, through APCs or engagement with our publications, are invaluable to our collective pursuit of scientific excellence.

The most common FAQ’s regarding APCs

What exactly is Article Processing Charges (APC) at MedWin?

Article Processing Charges (APC) at MedWin are publication charges that authors, institutes, or research funding bodies contribute. These charges are essential to cover the production costs associated with publishing articles in our open-access, internationally peer-reviewed journals.

Why does MedWin require APC?

Unlike traditional publishers, MedWin doesn't receive any fund from industries or companies. To maintain the quality and accessibility of our open-access publications, we require APC to cover the costs of production, ensuring that the scientific community and readers can freely access the latest research findings.

How does APC contribute to open access at MedWin?

By collecting minimal APC, we uphold our commitment to open access. This approach enables immediate and free access to all content published in our journals, fostering the dissemination of knowledge globally in various formats such as PDF, PHP, and Video.

What expenses do APC cover?

APC covers crucial expenses like editing, formatting, peer review, and overall production of high-quality articles. Authors and institutions contributing APC, play a pivotal role in sustaining the open-access model and promoting the widespread availability of scientific knowledge.

How can authors contribute to APC at MedWin?

Authors are kindly requested to make a modest contribution towards APC, as outlined in the provided table. This contribution not only supports the publication of their work but also helps maintain the integrity and accessibility of the scientific content published by MedWin.

What is the APC range for Medwin Publishers?

The APC range for Medwin Publishers is between $449 and $3249. The exact APC for an article will depend on the journal, where the article will be published and the income category of the country in which the corresponding author is based.

How does Medwin Publishers determine the income category of a country?

Medwin Publishers adheres to the World Bank's New World Bank country classifications by income levels, which categorize economies based on their Gross National Income (GNI) per capita. The GNI per capita is a measure of a country's average annual income per person. The World Bank updates its income classifications annually on July 1st, using GNI per capita data from the previous calendar year.

Here's a breakdown of the World Bank's income classifications:

  • Low-income economies: GNI per capita of $1,025 or less
  • Lower-middle-income economies: GNI per capita between $1,026 and $3,995
  • Upper-middle-income economies: GNI per capita between $3,996 and $12,615
  • High-income economies: GNI per capita of $12,616 or more

Medwin Publishers utilizes this standardized income classification system to ensure consistency and accuracy when analyzing and comparing countries across different economic levels.

In essence, APC at MedWin is a collaborative effort to ensure that the doors of knowledge remain wide open, allowing researchers and the interested public to benefit from the latest research findings without any financial barriers. Your support through APC directly contributes to advancing the cause of open access and the global dissemination of scientific knowledge.

Together, let us illuminate the world with the brilliance of scientific discovery.

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