International Journal of Oceanography & Aquaculture (IJOAC)

International Journal of Oceanography & Aquaculture is a scholarly open access, peer reviewed journal that deals with the recent advances in Oceanography & Aquatic research. Oceanography is the study of oceans, marine ecosystems, including the biological, chemical and physical aspects. Aquaculture is farming of aquatic organisms such as fish, prawns, molluscs, and aquatic plants. The main aim is to publish the most complete and reliable source of information on the discoveries and current developments in all areas Aquaculture and Oceanography. The scope of this journal includes Aquaculture, Fisheries science, Fishery Hydrography, Fishery Engineering, Aquatic ecosystem, Fish farming, Fisheries management, Fishery Biology, Wild fisheries, Ocean fisheries, marine environment, coastal zone management, fishery economics, and marine pollution; physical, chemical, biological, geological oceanography, paleoceanography.

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Coutts A2, Mackay E3, Zarate A3, Max MD4,5, Detiveaux G6, Martz J1, Trufan E1, Singh A1, Snow JE7, Sager WW7, Wellner JS7, Muñoz R1,Estes DB8 and Alex Barnard1,4,7*


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