Open Access Journal of Dental Sciences (OAJDS)

ISSN: 2573-8771

Current Issue - Volume 2 Issue 5

Short Communication

Occlusal Trauma: A Threat

Aparna H1, Vijayendranath N2*, Raghavendra K2, Prasanna KR2, Gowri B2, Roopashri RK2 and Dhanya SR2


Review Article

The New View towards EDM Files

Niladri M1* and Swati M2


Case Report

Oral Mucocele: The Lingering Lump of the Lower Lip – A Case Report

Brilliant R, Geon P*, Vijayendranath N, Raghavendra K, Roopashri RK, Prasanna KR and Gowri PB


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