Annals of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy (APhOT)

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Annals of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy (APhOT) is an open access peer-reviewed forum for the publication, dissemination, discussion of recent developments and current research in physiotherapy and occupational Therapy. APhOT publishes innovative and highly relevant content for both clinicians and scientists. APhOT focus on Healing, repair and recuperation in a wide collection of illnesses, conditions & treating the fundamental sickness and avoidance complications, Occupational therapy, Hand assessment & Treatment, Psychological Assessment, Spine disorders, Orthopedic Surgery, Sports medicine, etc. APhOT specifically concentrates on original copies that address care delivery vital ramifications for physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy. APhOT organizes efficient reviews and reports of clinical trials, financial examinations, investigational studies, qualitative studies, epidemiological investigations, and observational examinations.

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Research Article
Mental Status and Physical Activity amongst Athletes during Lockdown and Isolation
Rathi M*, Deshmukh S, Gazbare P, Achanan L, Agarkar S, Agarwal S, Agrawal B and Arolkar M
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