Diabetes & Obesity International Journal (DOIJ)

Volume 7 Issue 4

Research Article
Modifications in Body Composition of Overweight or Obese Type 1 Diabetics after the Intervention of a Program Bringing Changes in Their Lifestyle
Nazarena Asus*, Alejandra Cicchitti, Celina Bertona, Joaquin Gonzalez, Gabriel Minuchin, Edgardo Trinajstic, Pedro Minuchín, Walter Rosales and Martin Rodriguez
Case Report
Short-Term Use of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Devices in the Multidisciplinary Active Diabetes Clinic
Wahid U, Weis A, Munjy L, Gill G*, De Vito R, Solomon A, Randhawa M, Somaiya C, Ha N, Phan A and De Coro A
Research Article
Covid 19 and Pregnancy: Aspects Related to the Nutritional Level in Pregnant Women
Caridad ICAM*, Antolina SGM, Idania PS, Olivia RRA and Elena BPM
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