Journal of Human Anatomy (JHUA)

Volume 2 Issue 2

Research Article

Body Donation Program for Anatomical Teaching: The Perception of Brazilian Students

da Costa Sobrinho OP1, de Lucena JD2, Oliveira da Silva FR2, Brasileiro Leal KM1, Ferreira a Maciel Gusmão JN2, Pinheiro Gusmão CT5, Maiely Lima S3, Lima Barbosa ML4, Gustavo Scafuri A2,3 , Binda Pimenta H4 and Santos Cerqueira G2*

Case Report

A Right Sternalis Muscle: Clinical and Surgical Significance

Aguado-Henche S1*, Clemente de Arriba C1 and Cristóbal-Aguado S2

Review Article

Obesity, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Diseases

Qureshi AS1*, Rehan S2 and Fatima R3

Case Report
Case Report

An Unconventional Origin of the Right Colic Artery: A Case Report

Jongue E1*, Suhardja T2, Mehidpour R2, Briggs C3 and Arachchi A2

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