Open Access Journal of Mycology & Mycological Sciences (OAJMMS)

Volume 2 Issue 2

Letter to Editor
Recent Approaches for Mycetoma Management in Iran
Kazemi A, Ahmadkhani F, Zarei Mahmoudabadi A and Fattahi A*
Review Article
Biofilm: Structure, Antifungal Resistance, Proteomics and Genomics of Candida Species
Lotfali E*, Deravi N, Fathi M, Vakili K, Ghasemi R and Fattahi A
Research Article
The Essential Oil of Thymus Vulgaris L., Biological Study
Mehani M*, Mehani I, Segni L, Morcia C and Terzi V
Mini Review
Tinea Capitis: A Practical Approach
Juarez Duran ER, Asz Sigall D, Vega DC and Arenas R*
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