Open Access Journal of Agricultural Research (OAJAR)

ISSN: 2474-8846

Review Article

Relations of Legumes with Soil Health and Succeeding Crops

Authors: Ahmadi AY* and Shafiqi S

DOI: 10.23880/oajar-16000333


In recent decades, soil degradation has increased dramatically on a global scale. It is urgently necessary to promote food security and lessen the effects of climate change by restoring and maintaining the health of our soils. Improvements in soil structure have been demonstrated to help mitigate the effects of soil degradation, which is a crucial feature that influences soil health that is becoming more widely acknowledged. So the use of technologies and methods are important in this context. Growing of legume crops in cropping system is an option. Legumes possess a unique attribute known as nitrogen fixation, which enables them to form symbiotic associations with nitrogen-fixing bacteria residing within specialized root structures called nodules. Through this remarkable process, atmospheric nitrogen is converted into a biologically available form, enriching the soil with this essential nutrient and reducing the dependence on synthetic nitrogen inputs and minimizing environmental degradation caused by excessive fertilizer usage. Furthermore, legumes actively participate in nutrient recycling, releasing essential elements within the soil. By absorbing nutrients from deep in the soil profile, legumes prevent leaching and subsequent loss of these valuable resources. In addition to their nutrient recycling power, legumes also play an important role in improving soil structure. Their extensive root systems penetrate deep into the soil, effectively breaking up compacted layers and enhancing water infiltration. In conclusion, recognizing and harnessing the potential of legumes can revolutionize farming practices, ensuring long-term soil fertility and productivity, environmental sustainability, and food security for generations to come.

Keywords: Soil Sustainability; Legumes; Biological Nitrogen Fixation; Food Security; Nutrition

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