Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology Open Access (NNOA)

ISSN: 2574-187X

Research Article

Laser-Ablation-Synthesized Ag/Zno-Dye Nanocomposite for Linear and Nonlinear Optical Applications

Authors: Zena Karim*, Baiee RM and Al-Dahash GA

DOI: 10.23880/nnoa-16000284


In this research, the effect of zinc oxide nanoparticles ZnO, Ag_ZnO on the optical properties of absorption and emission was studied, as the emission spectrum of the rhodamine B dye was fluorescent with the addition of nanoparticles of ZnO, Ag_ ZnO, and the nonlinear optical properties of three dyes: rhodamine B, methylene blue, and saffron dye. The nonlinear optical response of saffron dye with Ag_ZnO B compound showed the highest nonlinear response upon impact. For the 405 nm laser, the nonlinear refractive index is large. This coincides with the maximum absorption of the dye, which explains the increased nonlinear refractive index. Interestingly, the addition of zinc nanoparticles increased the nonlinear response of all dyes and demonstrated greater nonlinear properties for Ag_ZnO. The addition of silver improved the nonlinear response of the dyes, as the Ag_ZnO structure strongly absorbs most of the visible spectrum and even the near-infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum. Which gives greater absorption efficiency. The nonlinear refractive index was good when adding ZnO and Ag_ZnO nanoparticles.

Keywords: Zinc Oxide-Silver Nanoparticles; Optical Properties; Nonlinear Optical Response; Rhodamine B; Methylene Blue; Nonlinear Refractive Index

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