Physical Science & Biophysics Journal (PSBJ)

ISSN: 2641-9165

Review Article

Restructure of Quantum Mechanics by Duality, the Extensive Quantum Theory and Applications

Authors: Chang YF*

DOI: 10.23880/psbj-16000265


Reconstructing quantum mechanics has been an exploratory direction for physicists. Based on logical structure and basic principles of quantum mechanics, we propose a new method on reconstruction quantum mechanics completely by the waveparticle duality. This is divided into two steps: First, from wave form and duality we obtain the extensive quantum theory, which has the same quantum formulations only with different quantum constants H; then microscopic phenomena determine H=h. Further, we derive the corresponding commutation relation, the uncertainty principle and Heisenberg equation, etc. Then we research potential and interactions in special relativity and general relativity. Finally, various applications and developments, and some basic questions are discussed.

Keywords: Quantum Mechanics; Duality; Wave; Extension; Application; Development

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