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MedWin is an open access, internationally peer-reviewed Publishers that are indulged in publishing original articles with an emphasis on the latest research findings. MedWin aspires to bring eminent original findings of research information across the globe into light and aims to build an efficient platform for the researchers/readers all over the world. MedWin publishes articles from around the world presenting results of major works like Case studies, Reviews from all the disciplines of emerging sciences. The motto of MedWin is to intellectualize the global society by providing them with the advancements in scientific research.


We work with a vision to serve as an efficient medium for the development of scientific knowledge in all the branches of scientific fields and publication of original research covering a broad range of fields. MedWin believes in unity, and works as a team that not just simplifies communication, but optimizes the work as well. It is the platform to bring the highest quality research over advance topics under diverse fields of science and engineering around the globe.

Our publications of journals cover science, engineering, medical fields and publish research/review papers, case studies, under the name MedWin. We are committed to provide quality content through university and beyond. With experienced editorial teams and experts providing to all levels and fields of publications and also works closely with authors and users through strong editorial development processes.

Aim & Scope

MedWin works with an intention to comprehensively cover the frontier of progression in scientific fields. The mission of MedWin is to contribute to advancing knowledge by promoting quality research. Our ultimate aim is to publish quality peer reviewed all kinds of works in all the emerging fields of science. We strive with a mission to proliferate superiority knowledge amongst the readers in this fast growing scientific research world.


  • To explore the day to day research developments in scientific field.
  • To strengthen the scientific knowledge among the readers.
  • To contribute to the progress in scientific research.
  • To provide a high quality online platform for publishing original research works.

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Our Senior Editors

  • Kazuhiko Terashima

    Kazuhiko Terashima

    Toyohashi University of Technology


  • Kilambi Pundarikakshudu

    Kilambi Pundarikakshudu

    L J Institute of Pharmacy


  • Hsu Shan Huang

    Hsu Shan Huang

    Taipei Medical University


  • Mario A Pisarev

    Mario A Pisarev

    University of Buenos Aires


  • Louis M Aledort

    Louis M Aledort

    Icahn School of Medicine


  • Richard W. McCallum

    Richard W. McCallum

    Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center


  • Mingan Yang

    Mingan Yang

    San Diego State University


  • Hamit Yurtseven

    Hamit Yurtseven

    Middle East Technical University


  • Po Chang Chiang

    Po Chang Chiang


    South San Francisco

  • Fahad Hanna

    Fahad Hanna

    Qatar University


  • Kamoi Kyuzi

    Kamoi Kyuzi

    University of Niigata Prefecture


  • Samia Abd El Kader Nour

    Samia Abd El Kader Nour

    Cairo University


  • L Joseph Su

    L Joseph Su

    University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences


  • Nasar U Ahmed

    Nasar U Ahmed

    Florida International University


  • Jackson Chieh Hsi Wu

    Jackson Chieh Hsi Wu

    Taipei Medical University


  • Akihiro Hashimoto

    Akihiro Hashimoto

    Niigata College of Nursing


  • Galal Lotfi

    Galal Lotfi

    Suez Canal University


  • Gopalakrishna Pillai

    Gopalakrishna Pillai

    Sullivan University College of Pharmacy


  • James A Radosevich

    James A Radosevich

    University of Illinois at Chicago


  • Abdulbari Bener

    Abdulbari Bener

    Istanbul University


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