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Virology & Immunology Journal is an internationally peer reviewed journal that aims to provide comprehensive information on recent discoveries in the field of Virology & Immunology. Virology is the branch of medicine concerned with the study of viruses and viral diseases. Immunology is the branch of biomedicine concerned with the structure and function of the immune system. The journal pleased to accept original research papers, review articles, mini-reviews, opinions, short communication and editorials on all aspects of Virology & Immunology research.

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Case Report
Mini Review

Effect of Social Media on Human Health

Manikant Tripathi1, Shiwangi Singh1, Soni Ghimire2, Seema Shukla1 and Shailendra Kumar1*


Review Article

Viruses in the Lake Baikal Ecosystem

Drucker VV1 and Silow EA2*


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