Journal of Ecology & Natural Resources (JENR)

ISSN :2578-4994

IF :2.454

Current Issue - Volume 6 Issue 2

Research Article
Land use/Land Cover Dynamics in Pioneer Fronts and Implications on Livelihoods: Insights from Nkuh and Nkuv on the Bui Plateau
Wirngo Mairomi H, Kongla Nsahlai L, Mbiybe Ngala R, Kininla Kongnyuy A, Destain Yungsi W, Paul Tume SJ*


Review Article
Production Optimization of an Eruptive Well by Using Nodal Analysis
Nitcheu M, Karga LP, Chamgoue AC, Bawane JG, Njeudjang K* and Mambou Ngueyep LL


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