Neurology & Neurotherapy Open Access Journal (NNOAJ)

Articles in Press - Volume 2 Issue 2

Research Article

Comparative Safety Profile of Single Versus Combination Antipsychotic Therapy by Using Glassgow Antipsychotic Side Effect Scale (Gass)

Zikria S1*, Hamid S1, Amna A1, Farooq B1, Iqra B1, Murryam K1, Azqa N1, Saba A1, Areefa T1, Muhammad I1 and Furqan KH1,2


Case Report
Review Article
Research Article

Controversial Brain Imaging as a Terrorism Emergency Measure in Neurolaw Discourse

Petoft A1*, Ahmadvand B2, Afshari F3 and Hoshyaran Jelodar H4


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