Annals of Advanced Biomedical Sciences (AABSc)

Volume 5 Issue 1

Case Report
Pigmented Villonodular Synovitis of the Wrist Simulating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Piñeiro SM, Cueva RM, Niebla LH, Pazos CP*, Morera TM and Rodríguez YF
Review Article
Personalized and Precision Medicine (PPM) as a Unique Healthcare Model to be Set Up to Secure the Human Healthcare and Biosafety
Medvedeva V, Rose N, Notkins A, Studneva M, Abe H, Zemskov V, Blokh S, Andronova N, Moiseyakh M and Suchkov S*
Mini Review
Tryptophan Metabolism and its Relation with CKD Patients
Digvijay K*, da Luz LG, Virzi GM, Bhargava V, Taramsari MM and Ronco C
Review Article
Oxidative Stress, Cancer and Antioxidant: A symbiosis?
Abdullah H*, Mamat N, Sazeli S, Hapidin H and Sulong S
Review Article
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