Journal of Quality in Health Care & Economics (JQHE)

Volume 6 Issue 2

Research Article
PROMs in Total Hip Arthroplasty: A Comparison between Robotic Mako Assisted Versus Manual Technique
Banchetti R*, Colcelli D, Dari S, Testa E, Marraccini S, D'Urso A and Caldora P
Research Article
Server Illness Scale Based on the Disability-Adjusted Life Year Method (Daly=Yll+Yld): Monitoring to Prevent Risks and Reduce Incidents
Gisélia Melgueiro P, Adriana dos Santos S, Camila da Silva P, Irene Kalistrato N, Lucimar Gonçalves A, Rayane de Jesus da Silva M, Ribamar Paulo Eduardo S, Ronilda Videira T, Daniel Lima F and Sayane Marlla Silva Leite M*
Mini Review
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