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Mycology & Mycological Sciences is an open access journal. Mycology is the branch of biology that deals with the study of fungi. OAJMMS includes the research of their genetic and biochemical properties, and their use in medicine and food along with their hazards. (OAJMMS) publishes original articles, also welcomes reviews and several other types of papers on fungal physiology and biochemistry, ecology, pathology, development and morphology, systematic, cell biology and ultra structure, genetics, molecular biology, evolution, applied aspects, and new techniques. Authors are encouraged to share their thoughts and significant research through this platform.

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Latest Articles

Case Report
Mucormycosis Caused by Lichtheimia Spp. (Clinical Case, Overview of Register Data and Literature Review)
Khostelidi S*, Mikhaylova I, Bogomolova T3, Taraskina A, Chilina G, Ignatyeva S, Shadrivova O, Avdeenko UL, Popova M, Bondarenko S, Saturnov A, Uspenskaya O, Kolbin A, Belogurova M, Zubаrovskaya L, Vasilyeva N and Klimko N


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