Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology Open Access (NNOA)

ISSN: 2574-187X

Current Issue - Volume 3 Issue 1

Research Article
Research Article

Theory and Modelling of Ion Track-Based Biosensors for CBRN- Agents Detection in Medical Applications

Shunin Yu1*, Bellucci ST2, Gopejenko V3,8, Burlutskaya N3,Lobanova-Shunina T4, Kiv A5, Fink D6, Mansharipova A7, Muhamedyev R7 and Zhukovskii Yu1


Research Article
Review Article

In-Plane Membrane Ordering and Topological Defects

Mesarec L1, Iglič A1 and Kralj S2,3*


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