Food Science & Nutrition Technology (FSNT)

ISSN :2574-2701

IF :1.822

Current Issue - Volume 9 Issue 1

Research Article
Molecular Screening of Kenyan Raw Donkey Milk for the Presence of Pathogenic Microorganisms-Preliminary Risk Analysis
Njeru PN*, Ghadimi D#, Nduti NN#, Mitheko AN, Musila FM, Koberg S, Haberman D, Franz C and Kabisch J
Research Article
Biochemical Properties and Molecular Characterization of Fermented Alcoholic Honey (Muratina) Microbes from Mbeere-Kenya
Njeru PN*, Ghadimi D#, Ngari CW, Musila FM, Mwaniki MW, Kabisch J, Koberg S, Haberman D, Neve H, Franz C and Nduti NN#
Research Article
Effects of Storage Life and Variety on the Functional Properties of Stored Achicha
David-Chukwu NP, Onwuka GI, Onuabuchi IC, Amadi AG, Chukwu MN*, Odom TC, Agbanyim AN and Onumadu KS
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